Starting up the social networks

During the weekend I spent some time setting up the “One Man Band Games”-accounts for some social network sites. You can see the result in the “Follow”- Widget on the right. When reading about other game developers, independent or not, I always wondered how they manage to work at their projects while posting twitter updates and writing new blog entries all the time. Starting this by myself now has just increased my head scratching as I found setting up the accounts and writing the first postings very time-consuming. I feel a bit guilty for spending time on these sites, because instead of writing a facebook post I could also work on my game at the same time. On the other hand, I have to start with this stuff sooner or later to stay in touch with my potential future users.
Another thing I’m not quite comfortable with is that I have no feeling for “the proper usage” of these networks. So far, I only had a private facebook account which I rarely use, which makes me some kind of social network late bloomer, I guess. Does my facebook page look deserted when there is not enough updates? Should I twitter every funny one-liner that comes into my mind? Should I twitter every new blog post I have written? Hopefully I will learn these things over time and by watching other developers…..which I totally can, now that I have a twitter account. 😉