Planets Gone Rogue! released!

Over all the possible places I have written about the release of my game today, I totally forgot to write down a small post here as well. Well, here you have it:

Planets Gone Rogue! has been released on the 1st of November according to schedule. (The small german in me is nodding silently, appreciating the punctuality.) All the relevant info about the game can be found on the new minisite (or the “lair of seduction” as I call it internally (the small german looks discomforted, but I don’t care)). Here it is:

Planets Gone Rogue! Minisite

Since release, the game has been picked up amazingly fast by the players on Kongregate and Newgrounds. There are multiple persons which have completed the game a couple of hours later already, which nullified my fear that the game will be too hard or people won’t be willing to invest that much time in it.

Not everything is just golden, there are also critical comments, but the awesome thing is: These comments are accompanied by absolute fair ratings and all the points that have been brought up so far are 100% justified. Some users are even giving me detailed instructions on how to fix / improve certain game design issues they found annoying, including rock-solid proposals which goes far beyond what I have expected in regards of player feedback. Originally I wanted to relax a bit tomorrow, but now I’m all hyped up about creating the first update that fixes some of the mentioned issues.

Regardless of what I’m doing with my Sundays: I would like to thank you, my dear anonymous readers, for visiting my badly-kept blog, and for considering playing my humble planet shooting game. Thank you for every minute you spend looking at the stuff I have created!

I’ll try to write another update if I have more stories to tell from my release experiences, but I won’t promise anything, if you look at the last few posts, you might guess why. =) Until the next update, and don’t let them missiles hit ya!