New background system

Until now, the backgrounds in Planets Gone Rogue! have consisted of a single image whose hue was altered when creating a battle scene. Although I had multiple images and the hue / position was different for each battle I was very unhappy with these backdrops as these looked very static and unimpressive. I have therefore added a new background generation system to the game that is able to create unique space nebula backdrops for each battle. You can see it in Action here in the main menu of the game:

Desktop 05-07-2014 17-28-22-245

Desktop 05-07-2014 17-29-05-361

Desktop 05-07-2014 17-29-14-88

Desktop 05-07-2014 17-29-45-197

At the moment the system only supports nebula in two different colors, but I will add more colors, styles shapes and additional backdrop elements until the release. I have been doing A LOT of other stuff in the meantime, but this is something which I could share without spoiling too much of the content. For example, I created an interactive tutorial for the map system, created new planet types, added new guns, fixed a lot of bugs, etc. etc. So be assured that development on this game is ongoing, and going on well. I’m still trying to figure out the best way on how to keep this site / twitter / IndieDB up to date without losing too much precious development time. Maybe I will try to write short updates like these in shorter news cycles, that seems doable. 😉