Announcing “Planets Gone Rogue!”

As I have mentioned before I was silently and secretly working on a game for Android, Flash and maybe iOS. I kept it secret because I was feeling uncomfortable with showing off my work when it is not all done and polished yet. However, after taking part in the gamecamp I learnt how important it is to get people interested in the stuff you are working on. So I spent the last few days to compile the first information, videos and screenshots for the game to set up an announcement / info page.

The page is far from done as I still have more to write down and more screenshots / videos to make, but you can get your first impression of the game here:

Putting the information together was harder than I thought. It is incredibly difficult to describe what is going on in your game to someone that has never seen it before, especially if that person is not able to play the game right away to understand the mechanisms he or she has just read about. So I decided to record some videos, as I found it far easier to explain the mechanics while the game is being played at the same time.
The other thing that bugged me out was that I always found little game bugs / graphical errors/ glitches in the videos that annoyed me so much I had to correct the error first before I could give it another try. There are still some errors to find if you look very closely, but I considered the material as “good enough” for a first draft.

As I mentioned there is still work to do to fully present the game, but I’m very happy to have a basic page to direct people to to show them what I’m working on at the moment. At least I’m able to tell now what the “Game” in “One Man Band Games” is. 😉