A handful of shame and a release date

Sorry. SorrySorry, sorry. I have promised to keep this site more up to date with more regular postings but it did not work out. “Why?” you rightfully ask, pitchforks and torches risen high above your head, ready to eradicate this foolish game developer from planet earth. I would like to tell you that I’m simply lazy, but this is not entirely true: For example, I have posted a lot on the Stencyl Forums lately, to help out other game developers with their tech troubles. That was when I discovered that I actually don’t hate typing down longer texts, but something was different about writing a lengthy answer to a technical problem than writing a lengthy blog post about the progress & things I made for my own game. I think it is bound to the immediate feedback that I get from posting at the forums, people are replying to the stuff I type down over there, and if I’m able to help them, they are grateful.
Over here things are a bit different: I can write a long blog post about tilesets, and it is very unlikely tat I will ever get a reply or a commentary on this. Therefore the time I take away to do this almost never seems “worth it”, since I could be fixing 20 bugs in the same time it takes me to write this post. “Well, if you fix so many bugs and do your thing instead of writing blog posts where is your game then?” you might ask next.

And here comes the good part: I made great progress on the game since my last posting. I added sound effects and Music to the game, did a lot of fine-tuning and bugfixing, added some more enemies and guns, and the game is nearly finished now. I am confident that I will be able to release Planets Gone Rogue! on the 1st of November for Android and on some selected Flash Gaming Websites.

The information about the game is a bit outdated by now, I’ll try to have more current info about the game on the page until its release.

Thanks for sticking with me until now! I’m already looking forward to the time after release, maybe then I have some more interesting stuff to post here about. Stay tuned!